Yoga Advice

We like to give back whenever we can. So we offer advice based on  our experience collected from yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and of course yoga students. You may be able to find many of these products in your local stores and for your convenience we have listed a link to Amazon.

Yoga Books

Problem:  Just like our body and our spirit, we also need to feed our mind.

Solution: Read, listen, think and learn.

Yoga Mats

Problem:  A thick yoga mat feels wonderful when you sit on it or kneel on it. But a thick yoga mat makes it much more challenging for standing balancing poses..

Solution:  Treat yourself to a cheap yoga mat. Spend the money you save and treat yourself to a yoga towel cover for your mat.

Yoga Towels – Yoga Mat Towels

Problem:  When we sweat (men) or glow (women) our mat can get slippery and can interfere with our practice.

Solution:  Yoga Mat Towels – Of the yoga mat towels we have tested we have found that the ones which seem to work best have a no slide type of backing. Here we list some of the yoga towels we like.

Pain Relief

Problem:  Injuries or excessive use can cause pain.

Solution:  Practice non-reaktion and don’t attach yourself to your pain. Or visit us and find pain relief.   images

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