About GoalYoga™

GoalYoga™ was created in 2007 by Ken Heptig because he saw that yoga was being taught more and more like an ordinary exercise class.  Ken had taught exercises class in the past and realized yoga really was different and should be taught differently.

He realized yoga had deviated significantly from it’s creation once it became popular in the United States. The problem he saw with teaching yoga was students still wanted an “instant gratification” result.  It became obvious that most people would not take the time to learn the rich spiritual lessons which yoga had to offer.

When Ken teaches yoga he likes to give his students what they want but also likes to discretely work into the class what his students also need. So Ken decided to experiment by discretely weaving the rich spiritual lessons of yoga into the physical classes he was teaching. Ken called this GoalYoga™.

He made this change for the same reason we make other changes in our life:

At GoalYoga™ we simply know that there is a better way to go through life.

Flow with ease…

Flow on my mat with ease…

        Flow through life with ease…

Ken Heptig

Yoga Lessons

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