Yoga Instructor Training

for Yoga Teachers


This yoga instructor training is for the experienced yoga teacher who would like to teach GoalYoga™.  We offer “Fast Track” training courses to get you trained and certified to teach GoalYoga™. Prerequisites require a 200 or 500 hour certification through Yoga Alliance.

Goal Yoga School™

The GoalYoga™ school uses a “Fast Track” method to quickly train experienced yoga teachers to teach yoga in the The GoalYoga Way™.   We build upon what you already know. We use incremental methods to weave your spiritual yoga practice into your physical yoga practice. We apply the incredibly valuable spiritual lessons of yoga into you and your students yoga practice on and off of the mat.   To learn the spiritual lessons of yoga you must practice them just as you have to practice your physical asanas.  We believe that the best time to practice your spiritual yoga lessons is at the same time when you are already practicing your physical yoga?

GoalYoga School™ is a RYS registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliancecertifying organization.


Yoga Alliance Registry ID: 144662

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