What if your perception of reality

is simply wrong?


“You can’t fight the direction of the universe but you can learn to move in the same direction and “Flow Through the World with Ease!”  ken heptig

How does this work?

We define our reality by what we can see with our limited senses.
How many senses do we have? If you said 5. You are wrong. We actually have  up to 21 human senses.

1    Other people’s reality is as valid to them as our reality is for us.

2    We can overcome many of the obstacles and barriers we face by understanding that many of these obstacles and barriers simply don’t exist in the physical world.

3    Much of our suffering is a matter of choice. Changing our perception of reality can simply free us from much of our pain and suffering.

What can I do?

Stay present and aware and look for the obstacles, barriers and pain which you may be creating in your own mind. Then work on changing the way you see the world.  And yes, it will take practice.

Please come practice with us and learn more.



“To learn our physical yoga poses we have to practice. And yes, to learn our spiritual yoga lessons we also have to practice.”  ken heptig

Learn to         Flow through life with ease.

Namaste     GoalYoga™

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