Teaching Yoga Secrets

Add intention to your class with ease, clarity, and little preparation.

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It is fun and easy to teach the intentions with any style of yoga class or non-yoga activity.

Teaching Yoga Secrets – 4 ways to start
1  Simply read the lesson at the beginning and end of class.
2  Review the web page goalyoga.com/teaching-yoga-secrets.
3  We remotely train your trainer to hold a workshop for teachers.
4  We hold an “in person” workshop for teachers in your studio.

Teaching Yoga Secrets

When teaching an intention, we suggest you read out loud, starting with “Welcome to…” until you get to the line that divides the page. For more details visit pages 15-16 of Yoga Secrets.

Here are three levels of intention you can add to a class or activity. The level you should use depends on many factors including the level of your students, the physical intensity of your class, and your ability to teach the intentions.

3  Levels of Intention

1  Basic: Read the “Welcome to” intention and the description.

2  Intermediate: Read the “Welcome to” intention and the description.
Read either the mantra or the quote.

3  Advanced: Read the “Welcome to” intention and the description.
Add two or more of the below:
Read the description for the intention (bottom of page)
Read the mantra
Read the quote
Read the Limb of Yoga for the intention.
Explain the weekly lesson
Explain the monthly intention
Explain the Limb of Yoga for the intention.

We recommend adding only one or two options when you begin your class. Add more during low physical exertion. For better results, mention intentions frequently rather than talking about them for longer periods of time.

At the end of class remember to remind your students that Yoga Secrets is available at the ________ (ex. front desk).

Take Away’s

@  Learn to provide more value for your students. More value = More students
@  Learn to add spiritual intention with ease, clarity, and little preparation.
@  Know how and when to move deeper in your spiritual intention.

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These three things can help you avoid overloading your students with information.
1  Look at the faces of your students.
2  Limit your information to how much your students can absorb.
3  If you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing.

For better results, practice saying the results out loud 5-10 times before you go to your class.

Most new things appear awkward. Keep practicing these lessons and they will become easier. Be mindful that these intentions are powerful and can change your life and the lives of your students forever.

Surprises often happen when practicing these intentions. Stay mindful that you cannot help another person without also helping yourself. When teaching these intentions, notice how they change the way you teach and the way you live your life.

Om Shanti,