Top Yoga Teachers in Charlotte NC

Ken Heptig is honored to be included in the Top Yoga Teachers in Charlotte list.

These are 23 top yoga teachers in Charlotte who are at the top of their game, representing 19 studios, multiple yoga styles and lineages, and countless interpretations of what yoga really is. The cool thing is, they’re all right.

Charlotte NC is full of wonderful and loving yoga teachers. So a task of choosing top yoga teachers in Charlotte would be an incredibly difficult endeavor. However, the author of this article appears to have made an invaluable contribution to the Charlotte yoga community. Katie seems to have handled this challenge as smoothly as one could expect.

Katie Levans, the author, describes the different style and approaches to teaching yoga. She then explains some of the diversity among different styles. Katie finally sums it all up so  gracefully with “All have made Charlotte a premier yoga city”.


Ken Heptig
Top Yoga Teachers in Charlotte includes Ken Heptig who founded GoalYoga in 2007.

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