Yoga Certification Charlotte NC

The 200 hour Yoga Certification Charlotte NC prepares the yoga student to become the yoga teacher.  The school covers all the yoga curriculum required by Yoga Alliance and is a Yoga Alliance Registered School. In addition to an incredible 200 hour yoga training program we also teach yoga students how to weave their spiritual yoga practice and their physical yoga practice into one.

Why should I take my Yoga Certification from GoalYoga?

First, congratulations on your decision to change your life and participate in a Yoga Certification program. Here are a few things you may want to consider when selecting a Yoga Certification  Program:

Read reviews from students who have been through the GoalYoga Yoga Certification Program and are now yoga teachers.

Mandatory: Take a yoga class from the trainer who will be teaching the Yoga Teacher Training. Because this is how you will be trained to teach when you graduate. Is the class BORING?  Do students really want to take the trainers yoga classes? Does the trainer currently teach yoga classes or has their interest moved to something other than yoga?

Does the program weave the rich spiritual lessons of yoga into your physical practice. If not, then you may graduate without learning the most important part of yoga:   The Rich Spiritual Lessons of Yoga.

Unique Benefit

Don’t ever underestimate the effect you can have on your students.

By including the Ancient Spiritual Lessons of Yoga in your curriculum provides you an opportunity for a richer and more  rewarding life.  But perhaps more compelling is that you can teach  the Ancient Spiritual Lessons of Yoga to your students.  This alone can help your students

“Flow Through Life with Ease”


GoalYoga School™ is a RYS  registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliancecertifying organization.

Yoga Certification Charlotte NC

Yoga Alliance Registry ID: 144662

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