Yoga Secrets with Yoga Teacher Training

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Match a monthly chapter with each full day of your yoga teacher training. (ex. first day  = ch 1, second day = ch 2). After 13 days start over since you have 4 weekly lessons for each of the 13 months.

Yoga Secrets: 52 Life-Changing Secrets

From calming your pain, stress, and anxiety to finding more energy, happiness, and meaning in your life. The 52 weekly secrets, aligned with the Eight Limbs of Yoga, can help you overcome the daily challenges caused by health, work, and relationships. Yoga Secrets is easy to add to any class. The book is a convenient 5×7 size to take with you to your mat.

Ken Heptig presents a system with 52 lessons, refined while teaching thousands of yoga classes. He improved the lessons for simplicity and clarity until his students could absorb the lessons while practicing yoga. This book is suitable for anyone with or without a physical practice of yoga. You can use the lessons on your own or add them to a group activity like sporting events, classrooms, and certainly yoga classes.

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