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Yoga Secrets: 52 Life-Changing Secrets, #3 best-selling yoga book on Amazon, Kindle 11/16/17.

The Anxiety Workbook With Yoga Secrets, #5 best-selling yoga book on Amazon, Kindle 8/30/18.  

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The Pain Free Workbook With Yoga Secrets


Yoga Secrets: 52 Life-Changing Secrets

Calm your stress, pain, and anxiety and find more energy, happiness, and meaning in your life. Fun and easy. Add to any yoga practice, non-yoga activity, or use the lessons on your own. Author: Ken Heptig. Available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

The Depression Workbook With Yoga Secrets

Use the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress.

The Anxiety Workbook With Yoga Secrets

Use the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga for Relief from Anxiety, Worry, Fear, and Panic Attacks.


There was a time, long ago and long forgotten, when Yogis used every waking moment practicing and refining their practice. This allowed plenty of time for both their physical and spiritual practice which they have left us as their legacy.

Modern day yoga continues to divide into a physical practice and separate spiritual practice. This creates a problem with most yoga evolving into what has become a popular form of physical exercise.

Big Problem

Modern day yoga continues to separate into a physical and a spiritual practice. This creates a big problem. The richest part of yoga, the spiritual practice, often gets neglected.


GoalYoga™ solves much of this problem by weaving the spiritual richness of our yoga into our physical yoga practice. This offers the wonderful health benefits of our physical practice plus the rich benefits of our spiritual practice.


Everything in life starts with a goal. Your personal yoga practice starts with your personal yoga goal. Even if you want greater peace, more happiness or a calmer mind, you still have to start with a goal.

The goal of GoalYoga™ is to weave our spiritual yoga practice and our physical practice into one. We spend more time focusing on our spiritual practice resulting in a richer and more rewarding life.

The GoalYoga School administers the Yoga Teacher Training Charlotte NC where the GoalYoga  School™ is headquartered. It teaches yoga students to become the yoga teacher.

The GoalYoga School conducts yoga teacher training which trains yoga students to become the teacher. The school trains Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructors, through a “fast track” program, to teach The GoalYoga Way™.

GoalYoga™ Benefits of Yoga