What to expect from

     Yoga Teacher Training

You will be working and learning with a group of individuals eager to take their yoga practice & their lives to a new level. An environment of extraordinary transformation. We will provide the tools and the path to help guide you on your journey of self transformation.

As humans, we build upon what we know and build and layer upon what we can do.  We work incrementally or in layers.

According to the Yoga Koshas every person has five bodies. Each of these bodies  is made of increasingly finer grades of energy.

It is essential to build a good foundation before we can move towards a lifetime journey of self transformation.


The training will help you build a solid foundation of yoga expertise in asana, meditation, yogic philosophy and principles, pranayama, anatomy, posture sequencing & more.  The course curriculum includes detailed exploration of methodology, philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, hands-on-assisting, and practice teaching.

You will explore and learn what yoga students want and what they need.  As part of your training you will learn how to read student reactions so you can continuously improve each class that you teach.

You will be expected to be committed and thorough throughout the training.

Primary Instructor: Ken Heptig

Guest Instructors: To be announced.

What to bring

Feel free to bring a backpack or gym bag for your items which may include: Yoga mat, bolster, blanket, snacks, drinks, lunch and personal items you may want during the day.

We will have 1 hour for lunch plus breaks during the day.

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