Yoga Lessons from GoalYoga™

Animal Superpowers or Animal Senses are used to find food, a mate, survive and communicate. Can you sense a mate 5 miles away or communicate using vibration?
ClearSeeing – When things get messy in your life you need a clear mind to find your way out of the mess.  But there is a big problem when you try this.
Ganesha (obstacles) – The Sanscrit word Ganesha is based on Ganesh which is the remover of obstacles. Are you good at removing obstacles in your life?
Gratitude – An attitude of gratitude creates blessings. It connects you to life and to the world. It makes what we have enough and more.
Koshas of Yoga – The rich spiritual philosophy of yoga tells us we are not just our physical body or our mind. As humans we are holistic, multi-dimensional human beings comprised of many different and constantly interacting levels.
Human Senses – Which can help us “Flow through life with ease”.  Five human senses?  Nope, there are actually as many as 21 human senses.  Do you have a strong sense of proprioception?
Non-Reaktion™ – The world controls you by creating events which elicit certain reactions. These reactions become a habit and your reactions become automatic and chaotic. With practice Non-Reaktion creates freedom!
Playing at a Higher Level – We could all be playing at a higher level if we would just get out of our own way.
Present Moment – The present moment is the only time that is important, because the present moment is the only time in which you have power and control.
Reality – What if your perception of reality is simply wrong?


Yoga was created as a recipe to allow one to flow through life with ease. We of course know that our physical yoga requires constant practice.  What we often forget is that our spiritual yoga also requires constant practice.

Yoga Lessons™ gives you a free way to learn and benefit from the spiritual richness of yoga.

Simply bookmark and visit Yoga Lessons™ daily to post your experience.  And read about how others are using their Yoga Lessons™ to transform their life.

It takes 21 to 30 days to create a new life changing habit. This is simply the way the universe works.  Self transformation requires repetition and reminders.

GoalYoga™ was created to use with your yoga to help you enhance your journey. Get more from your yoga by visiting this site daily to post your experience and read about how others are using their yoga to transform their life.

At GoalYoga™ we suggest you keep your Drishti (focus) on only 1 lesson per week or per month.


Ken Heptig