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The Soldier


One of the many classes I teach is a Monday night hot yoga class. It is the hardest yoga class that I teach. The students include very advanced yoga students, extremely fit triathlon and marathon athletes, plus many yoga instructors from different studios around Charlotte. The class fills up quickly and even in July I have to turn people away.

It started with a man coming to this very advanced class. The class was already very crowded. It was easy to tell he was brand new to yoga. He found the last spot which was in the front center of the room directly in front of me, the instructor. He appeared to be extremely fit.  But you could easily tell he was way outside of his comfort zone since he didn’t know the yoga poses and was still dressed in his long Army camouflage pants.

Half way through the class we went into Crow Pose and Crow Pose variations such as 1 leg Crow which are very advanced poses. I asked if anyone wanted to learn how to do Crow. He raised his hand. I helped him and on his first try he did a great Crow Pose.  I have never had this happen in 9 years of teaching. Complete silence came over the room. The entire class stopped practicing and gave this soldier a tremendous round of applause which was for so much more than just an outstanding Crow Pose.

Never have I been more proud of my yoga students as they discovered yet another way to show their gratitude. I keep giving  all that I can to my students. But somehow, I keep getting so much more back in return.

Learn how to show your gratitude. Silent gratitude doesn’t help the world.

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